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Over the Water, By the Water!

You have chosen to go along the Aqueduct, Adventurers, a bold choice!

(it was a choice, right?)

Never mind that: Have you ever crossed over water whilst having water next to you before? What a marvel, eh!? Of course, as a Wizard I could do it without the whole stone and mortar thing, but they couldn't afford me. Besides, I was moving water over water before it was cool.

Take great care as you cross - And don't be lulled into a false sense of security by how green the water's surface may look! Many a foolhardy soul has found themselves with wet britches thinking it's grass - And many a dog has had an unexpected swim too!

Be sure to pause when you reach the path junction before you choose which lovely green path of certain DOOM you wish to choose.


31a stop win.jpg


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