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Youth & Education Services

The Sunnywood Project Team comprises of outdoor professionals; experienced teachers; youth workers, and counsellors.  

We offer a range of support programmes and educational opportunities for those who are struggling to access mainstream school for a variety of reasons.

In addition to this, we can also facilitate bespoke educational visits to the Burrs Country Park to enrich pupils’ learning within the classroom. 


Why The Sunnywood Project? 


The Sunnywood Project is a non-profit organisation managed by a passionate team with many years of experience working with young people and in education and governed by a Board of Trustees with a wealth of knowledge in overseeing community engagement projects.  

Together, we are dedicated to providing a quality support service for young people without seeking to profiteer from those that need that support - a service that genuinely contributes to enriching and improving the lives of young people in Bury, and the surrounding areas of Greater Manchester and Rossendale.   

The Sunnywood Project believe that building strong, respectful relationships with young people is essential to enabling young people to thrive.  

Regardless of the number of exclusions, behaviour points, or negative reports, we treat every young person with the courtesy and respect they deserve and build confidence by provide opportunities to contribute positively to the community.  

With unconditional positive regard, we treat each young person as an individual and we take time to listen to their thoughts and feelings as we guide them to reflect on their goals and aspirations and improve their self-confidence. 


It is well-known that there is a strong association between embracing the outdoors and stress-reduction and overall wellbeing - hence why our Youth Programmes are so successful.

Download our Menu of Opportunities

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