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Join Fit for Purpose, a brand-new FREE initiative launching in spring 2024!

Combining physical activity with social action to improve fitness, community cohesion and wellbeing.  
Teaming up with local groups across Bury, we aim to facilitate opportunities for people to come together, get active and contribute to making a real positive difference within the local community.    

Upcoming Events


Local Groups

Be A Local Legend
If you are a:

  • Running Group

  • Walking Group

  • Youth Group

  • Fitness Group

  • Or any other active group who wants to further support their local community!


Social Action

Is your area in need of social action?

Get in touch - We are looking for places or community groups who may need:

  • Litter picking

  • Gardening

  • Food parcel delivery

  • Tree planting

  • Delivery of items to vulnerable groups or individuals

  • Footpath maintenance

These are examples - Not limitations! Let us know if you need something else!


Fit for Purpose

We will support and organise local groups to complete tasks that benefit the local community whilst also getting out and getting active!

Get fit and get active, with a greater sense of purpose!


Become a Local Legend

Click below to register your group's interest. 


Request a Task

Click below to request a task for your local community.

Local Legend

Embark on a journey with Fit for Purpose! An initiative set to redefine community engagement in 2024.

As a Local Legend, your group will combine physical activity to improve fitness with purposeful social action which will make a real positive difference within the community - this can be done with your group weekly, monthly, quarterly or just as a one off: whatever suits your group!  


Whether you're a running group, walking group, youth group, fitness group, or any group with a passion for making a positive impact, Fit for Purpose will support you to be part of the driving force of positive community impact.


By joining forces with local community groups, charitable organisations and those in need of support across Bury, you'll embed short and simple tasks within your usual fitness activity which will contribute to improving the welling of those you support, but also your group members. 


Be a Local Legend and let Fit for Purpose be the catalyst for your group's journey towards a healthier, more connected, and purpose-driven community.

Request a Task

If your local area could benefit from a helping hand, whether it's litter-picking local streets, neglected gardens, or a need for essential deliveries to vulnerable individuals, Fit for Purpose is ready to step up.


Fit for Purpose seamlessly blends physical activity with social action, providing a unique opportunity for our community to come together and make a lasting impact.


From footpath maintenance to tree planting; litter picking to delivers, Fit for Purpose is here to tackle the tasks that matter most to our community. 

Reach out and let us know where Fit for Purpose can make a difference in Bury. 

Together, we can build a stronger, more connected, and resilient community that thrives on the spirit of collective action.


Request a task today and witness the power of community-led change!

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