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Goblin Greenery!

Are you a fan of green, Adventurers? Hoping it will lead you to the Dragon Egg?

As you walk along this shaded path next to the canal feeder, marvel at the greenery around you. It's everywhere! Overhead, to your left, to your right - It's even on the water! This is the work of the Green-Fingered Goblin Gang - But fear not, Adventurers! Unlike those filth-fingered goblins in the holes about these spots, these Goblins are far more civilised - Pruning, weeding, wearing their little sunhats, oh! They don't win any awards mind, because they're goblins - They just steal the trophies and rosettes instead! Old habits and all that!

But I digress!

Push on, Adventurers, and you will be met with a path to the right, just before the Aqueduct, and there you must decide!


31a stop win.jpg


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