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Group SEMH support for KS3 - KS4

By bringing together young people in a supported, safe, and collaborative environment to physically explore the outdoors whilst also exploring their own aspirations and who they are personally. 

SPACE utilises the benefits of being outdoors to provide SEMH support that offers young people an opportunity to:

  • Meet new and be accepted by other young people.

  • Work alongside child-centred teaching professionals who will facilitate a unique outdoor learning experience which will also allow for exploration of their emotional wellbeing.

  • Experience a calming learning environment and the benefits that come with being outdoors.

  • Collaboratively participate in a range of enriching outdoor tasks to develop knowledge and skills. 


Who is SPACE suitable for?

SPACE is suitable for a range of young people, but is specifically designed for those who are currently experiencing:

  • Low mood

  • Low self-esteem

  • A sense of not belonging 

  • Feelings of loneliness

  • Difficulties in expressing emotions 


SPACE aims to establish working relationships which use facilitated experiential moments that guide young people toward independently taking control of their emotions and aspirations.

'She absolutely loved it - probably the highlight of Year 11 for her!'

Mill School, Bury

SPACE uses the natural environment to facilitate the experience of young people. As such, SPACE is best-suited for those who have an interest in the outdoors, nature, conservation, or environmentalism.

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What happens on SPACE?

The activities on SPACE may differ from cycle to cycle, adapting to both the young people and the changing seasons. However, the typical SPACE programme involves:

  • Engaging with the history and ecology of the Burrs Country Park; including a geographical study of the River Irwell.

  • Map reading, navigation and orienteering.

  • A visit to Holcombe Moor. 

  • Social action projects, with strong links to community and conservation including work with the National Trust team.

  • Campcraft and bushcraft skills.


The SPACE team will also create a personalised report that details our observations, the young person's achievements and progress, alongside any specific recommendations for the future.


SPACE starts and ends at the Sunnywood Project's Hub located within Burrs Country Park, Bury. From here, there is direct access to 36 hectares of beautiful scenic countryside, woodland, open meadows, ponds, lodges, and the River Irwell - making it an ideal location for outdoor learning and SEMH support.


Typically, SPACE is delivered one day per week for six weeks - this is usually on a Wednesday. These six-week cycles usually coincide with academic half-terms.

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