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Frequently Asked Questions?

Sometimes you just need a little more information - There may be something you want to ask us, or you may be after a little reassurance or guidance about what we do, how to book on our events and activities, or what to expect on a day out with us.

Fingers crossed, we have your answers right here!

1) How do I book on a hike or run? The good news? You're in the right place. You can find all our events and actvities by clicking the 'Events and Actvities' button at the top of our page. From there, you can see all our categories, select your choice, and book and pay online.

2) How do I book on for a whole series of runs/hikes? How do I book more than one? Our weekly runs/hikes tend to run in 6-week series, centred on a particular theme or focus. It is possible to book on for the entire 6-week block prior to the commencement of a series only - This option will no longer be available on our website once the event begins (e.g. block booking for a Sunday will cease at 08:30am on the Sunday it starts). Before this time, however, you can book a 'block' by navigating to the relevant event page (Weekly Runs/Hikes) and finding the 'Block Booking' option in the list of available services. If the 'Block Booking' feature is no longer available, this means the series has started. You can still book on the remaining dates in one purchase by navigating to our selecting the service you're after (Sunday/Thursday Run or Hike) category, selecting the hike or run and the day of your choice, and then the next date in the series. Once you have entered in your details, be sure to click 'add to cart' if you want to purchase more than one date, and then continue to select the dates of interest. For our Conquer the Wild hikes/runs, we usually open registration for block booking the next calendar year's events in December, with this option no longer being available as soon as the first Conquer the Wild hike/run starts. You can still book more than one date in the same method as you would a weekly hike/run - You can find our Conquer the Wild hikes/runs by going to 'Conquer the Wild' page. Similar to our monthly hikes, we usually offer a special package for block booking Endurance Events - Keep an eye on our social media accounts for details as they emerge. Other than these special packages, there is no option to buy multiple Endurance Events through out website - You will need to navigate to each Endurance Event and purchase a ticket for each one you wish to undertake.

3) Can I book just one run/hike or do I have to book on the whole series? There's no obligation to book on for a whole series - You can book on for as many or as few runs/hikes as you'd like! You can find our whole series booking options under 'Guided Hikes and Runs' as well as individual options - It's the same on our 'Conquer the Wild' page too!

4) I've booked - How will I know where to meet? We'll send all the details in the days leading up to the event. This will include meeting times, places, and confirmation of what to bring, as well as what to expect. If you've booked on but didn't think you've received the email, please check your junk/spam before getting in touch - We sometimes end up in there! If this has happened, please mark us as a Safe Sender or 'not junk' to avoid it happening again.

5) I've seen your event advertised on social media. Can I just turn up? No - We need you to book online. There are a number of reasons for this, but ultimately we need to know so that we can schedule enough leaders and volunteers to keep things safe and enjoyable for all. We'd also need you to provide your emergency contact details and confirm you accept our T&Cs. Please book online.

6) What will I need to bring for a hike / run? We'll send all the details out in the days leading up to the event, including an equipment or kit list. If you've booked on but didn't think you've received the email, please check your junk/spam before getting in touch - We sometimes end up in there! If this has happened, please mark us as a Safe Sender or 'not junk' to avoid it happening again. There are a few standard things to consider though, including appropriate footwear and clothing for the activity, water and snacks, and a charged and working mobile phone. If you have any questions about kit, please drop us a line and we'll do our best to answer them.

7) What is appropriate footwear for a hike / run? Can I wear my trainers? For a hike, we recommend robust hiking / walking boots with over the ankle support and an aggressive tread - This means the sole of the boot shouldn't be worn away and smooth. For our runs, trail running shoes are usually preferable to road or track shoes. Like hiking / walking boots, they usually have a deeper, more aggresive tread. Your standard trainer isn't always cut out for the muddy trails and paths or boggy moorland - And if they're white before the walk, they're rarely white at the end. If in doubt, give us a shout and we'll advise.

8) The kit list says I need waterproofs, a whistle, etc. - Will I really need all this? Hopefully, no. When we decide on a kit list, we consider all eventualities with a focus on safety and comfort. Items such as waterproofs may feel optional, but in the right (or wrong) conditions they are lifesaving. Although we make great efforts to avoid emergencies occuring, items such as whistles and foil blankets are essential in keeping safe or getting help. We ask that everyone does their part in helping us keep things safe - Which is why we ask that all participants, whether adventuring alone or in a group, carry the required kit.

9) Can I bring my dog(s)? Usually, yes - And we have many furry friends we know as well as their owners! But it does depend on a few things which are inclued in our Terms and Conditions. For our hikes and runs, well-behaved dogs are usually welcome permitting they remain under effective control at all times - Typically, this means on a lead no longer than 2m. During ground-nesting bird and lambing season, we may issue notice for our hikes and runs that dogs are not permitted on certain routes - Often this is due to the route crossing Access Land or because of restriction notices by Natural England that cover the area in which we intend to travel. In such instances, we are ensuring we and our participants do not fall afoul of the law. Throughout the year, however, we encourage participants to enquire before attending any event where they are considering bringing their dog as refunds will not be offered to those unable to take part due to their attending a 'no dog' event with their animal. All participants with dogs are responsible for their actions and that of their animal; we request that they follow the instructions of staff and volunteers in this regard at all times, whilst also showing due regard to the requests of other participants who may not be comfortable around dogs. For our Family Adventures such as Toddler Trekking, we ask that participants refrain from bringing along their dog.

10) Can I bring my kid(s) on a hike / run? We want everyone to embrace the outdoors - There have been many instances where parents have brought their children with them on our hikes and our runs. However, we ask that you consider a few things before you bring your child / children along on a hike / run including can they manage the advertised distance and elevation and whether you can manage the route and provide effective supervision for your child at the same time? Most of our weekly runs / hikes are suitable for children aged 14+. We would recommend asking us for more information and guidance for anyone younger than 14. We politely request that you contact us regarding any under 18s you are considering booking on any of our Conquer the Wild or Endurance Events.

11) Are there going to be toilets? If you are booking one of our Family Adventures or coming along to our Burrs Community Run, then, yes, there are toilets nearby. On our runs / hikes, we try our best where we can to start / finish in a location that has nearby access to toilets however this is not always possible.

12) I'm coming alone - Will it be awkward not knowing anyone? We do our best to make sure it isn't - Although we acknowledge it can be sometimes daunting to come along alone! A large number of those who now join us frequently started out alone and have made some long-lasting friendships along the way. We pride ourselves on including everyone to the best of our ability and have never left anyone behind or left them out. Our staff and volunteer team are onhand before each event for you to introduce yourself and will make sure you feel welcome. The Sunnywood Project is a community organisation, after all!

13) Am I fit enough for your runs / hikes? I don't want to hold anyone back! We hear this a lot! Our runs and hikes take place in a variety of locations and vary in terms of challenge, distance, and elevation - As such it isn't a simple case of 'yes' or 'no'. Our offers range from entry-level outings and fitness building, such as Fit for the Wild and the Burrs Community Run, to moderate challenges on a weekly basis with our Explore level hikes and runs. A number of folk have started on these or our Night Hike and carried on to our longer Conquer the Wild hikes, or even the Endurance Events - But there's never any pressure to go farther than you are comfortable! We're here to support you regardless of your preferred distance or challenge - If there's an upcoming adventure you'd like to give a try, get in touch with us and we'll share the fine details so you can decide whether to give it a go or not. Our staff and volunteer teams are trained and experienced in supporting those trying out something new - They know better than anyone else that hills are always hard at the beginning.

14) How do I book my child onto your youth provision? We have an open registration for the following youth programmes: The Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme; Kindling Kids, and The Sunnywood Squad. Information and registration details for these can be found in the navigation bar at the top of our website or righthand corner on mobile. These programmes are limited by capacity, however, but we will always let you know if there is a waiting list or not. For SPACE, referral can only be made by a professional working with the child / young person in question. This might be someone at their school, their social worker, or equivalent. Again, details can be found via our website. For any other, less-regular programme, please keep an eye on our website or social media for correct details.

15) Are there many hills on the Night Hike on Holcombe Moor? We have many different routes over Holcombe Moor but typically start from Lumb Carr Road near Holcombe Village - This means there is a climb up onto the moor to begin with. Like most moorland, there are a number of hills and ridges around Holcombe Moor which we might visit: Bull Hill, Harcles Hill, White Hill, Larks Hill, Black Moss and Quarlton Heights. Whilst we won't set out to 'hill-bag', there will naturally be some elevation on a hike in such terrain.

16) I've seen someone on social media who says they have tickets for sale, are they legit? Absolutely not - You can only book a place on our events via our website. We can facilitate any transfers between participants as per our T&Cs - This would require the original purchaser to contact us and arrange a transfer. If someone is offering you their ticket/place, please check with us to see if they have started this process - Or legitmately booked on to begin with. We cannot be held liable for any 'tickets' bought from third parties.

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