The Sunnywood Project is a non-profit arts and nature education consultancy / provider and outdoor events organiser. 
Combining arts and nature, we promote a love of the great outdoors through a variety of events, conservation and educational programmes stimulating a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle for those living in the North West and surrounding areas.
​Through each of these activities and bespoke programmes, we nurture individual confidence and resilience to equip participants with the transferable skills needed for success in life - we are committed to assisting individuals to realise their own potential. ​

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Guided Hikes

Adventure into the great outdoors with us on one of our many fully guided hikes

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Guided Runs

Get your running shoes on and explore the great outdoors with us. No one is left behind. 


Family Activities

Into The Woods is child orientated outdoor exploration and play which is facilitated by our fantastic team. 


Interactive Trails

Have a go at one of our self-led interactive creative trails

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Educational Outreach

The Sunnywood Project cater for all ages and abilities to provide effective, measurable and engaging bespoke intervention programmes suited to the individual needs of the child. Our educational programmes take place at various locations across the North West and surrounding areas.


Community Runs

Every Sunday at 9.30am, join us at The Burrs for £1 donation and run or walk either 2km or 5km




I highly value what Marc and Sammy have set out to achieve. The Sunday morning trail run has been brilliant and I am definitely not a runner.

The ethos of being in the outdoors and enjoying where we live is brilliant. I highly recommend this group and look forward to joining in on future runs, walks or doing anything to help the community.

Great bunch of people and well done to everyone involved. We will be running in the mud again sometime soon



Thank you to The Sunnywood Project for an amazing 6 weeks! I'm so glad I bit the bullet and joined, it's way out of my comfort zone to do anything like this and meet new people alone but I'm glad I did.

I've met the friendliest bunch of people and 5 of the 6 towers have been new to me, so I've learned some great new routes too .

I joined because I wanted to find a hobby/passion just for myself and to get outdoors more. Without trying I've managed to lose 4 pounds which I know is not the aim of TSP but its a great boost for me as its happened without trying and I feel fitter in the short six weeks I've been attending!

See you soon for Take Root. Thank you for making me feel welcome



I’m in awe of you all! The Sunnywood Project is absolutely amazing, it’s giving people opportunities to do things they never ever would have thought they could do and that’s pretty life changing. Well done to every single person

Contact The Sunnywood Project

Contact: 07515060722

Location: Our events currently operate in Greater Manchester and the North West