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Through the Woods of the Kickle-Snifters!

You have chosen to test your mettle, Adventurers? Very good.

Your path heads beyond the railway bridge and into the wooded realm of the Kickle-Snifters!

As you follow the path straight through their woods, keep your eyes peeled and your ears pricked for these loathsome creatures, for they like to surprise the careless wanderer, hopping up from their hidey-holes and kicking the shins of the unwary! But you're no reckless fool - You know how to avoid them, don't you? You know to listen out for their tell-tale, snotty 'sniff', riddled as they are with endless hayfever, ho ho! If a kickle-snifter tries to come for you, you'll be sure to kick it first, I'm sure!

Before long, you will exit the woods, the path bending to the left as it follows the river. Breathe easily for now, Adventurers, as you put the Kickle-Snifters behind you, but be sure to pause as you pass back under the railway bridge - Another choice is upon you!


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