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Through the Thickest of Thickets!

Tread carefully, Traveller!

Do not be lured into a false sense of security as you travel along the path and follow the treeline, keeping the gentle, rolling field to your right, for before long you will enter the Thickest of Thickets, home of Thurgood the Temperamental!

Some say Thurgood the Gnome was born belligerent, others say incurably cursed with callousness, but either way, the Thicketed path before you is his domain. Go quietly on, silently even, and you may escape his ire! Although, you are an Adventurers! Bold and resolute! Perhaps you would prefer to be LOUD and BOISTEROUS, challenging Thurgood for his Thicket? Ha, it is your choice, Adventurers!

Before long, you will emerge and pass to the right of Thurgood's Toilet, a big hole in the ground - Why a gnome needs something as large as that is beyond my wisdom to answer. Be sure to pause at the Fork in the Road.


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