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Through the Land of Giant Rats
(or, 'Across the Car Park' if you have musophobia)

Here we must be sneaky, Adventurers! As quiet as a mouse, if you will - And you will understand why soon enough!

Carefully cross the road and follow the railings past the large bushes and you will see it - A giant mouse-trap!

Yes, like any noble adventure, it wouldn't be complete without gigantic rodents! The rats here are the size of a dog-sized horse, or a horse-sized dog, I can never remember! Some say they once were human, cursed to be this way by the Witches Hat nearby, others that they've just grown large on the discarded food and litter from the car park - But I digress - You're not made out of cheese and have nothing to fear! I hope you're not made out of cheese, anyway - Tends to get smelly if you are!

Head up the ramp or the stairs just beyond, Adventurers, and in the safety of your raised position, make your next choice!


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