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Over the Aqueduct!

So it is over the water by the water - Or along the Aqueduct, to keep things simple, eh, Adventurers?

Have you ever crossed over water whilst having water next to you before? What a marvel, eh!? What would make it more marvellous is if it were not carrying water, but marmalade! Yes - Lime is my favourite!

Take great care as you cross - And don't be lulled into a false sense of security by how green the water's surface may look! Many a foolhardy soul has found themselves with wet britches thinking it's lime marmalade - And by many, I mean one. I mean me. It was me, I fell in thinking it was marmalade!

Moving swiftly on - Be sure to pause when you reach the junction before the bridge. There you must make your next choice!


31a stop win.jpg


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