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Through the Land of Giant Rats
(or, 'Across the Car Park' if you have musophobia)

After first choosing whether to take the stairs or the ramp down, Adventurers, you will then no doubt notice the rather large mouse trap.

Yes, like any noble adventure, it wouldn't be complete without gigantic rodents! Luckily, these mammoth beasties only come out at night (and you're definitely not out after dark, are you?) so you should be fine. You're also not made out of cheese - I hope you're not made out of cheese, anyway! People only tend to be made of cheese when my magical camera malfunctions!

I digress - Quickly down past the mouse-trap and stick to the railings next to the canal feeder, following them up toward the road and the Old Cottages. There you will make your next choice! Right along the bridge, left up the road, or straight on to carefully cross the road and try your luck beyond!


31a stop win.jpg


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