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Where we are


The Project

Where we are... is a UK-wide national programme for young people aged 16–24 that co-designs and co-delivers meaningful local projects in arts and culture.
Supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and covering costs for all involved, the programme aims to engage young people who are under-served in the museum sector.

Our project has been a partnership between the Bury Museum, the Sunnywood Project and the British Museum.
Over 12 weeks a group of young people aged 16-22 have come together to explore their relationship with Bury, each other and themselves through a series of sessions with a facilitator and a number of guest artists. 


These photos were taken at Burrs Country Park using disposable cameras. We found that when we cannot change or delete the photos we take, we capture a completely different side of ourselves and nature.

​"The photos are raw and have had no software changes - they are exactly as they were taken. Having the camera in our hand as we walked around gave us a sense of purpose, especially as teenagers in a big group. We felt we were viewed differently by people around us."

Messages from the Young People

Kai (They/Them)

My name is Kai, I have lived in Bury all my life, I have cerebral palsy and nystagmus. I have allowed myself to accept myself through the subjects we have explored in this group and I have ignited my passion for change! I understand that Bury is a culturally diverse town with a rich heritage. However, we have seen how Bury can be improved!

Dominic (He/Him)

My name is Dominic. I am a Trans and Autisitc teenager from Bury, I was born and raised here. My mother is an immigrant from Barcelona, Catalonia a region in Spain fighting for Independence. Neither of these sides of my identity are inherently political.

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for more information on the project, please visit The British Museum website:

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