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Welcome Adventurers! 

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This interactive trail has been created by Pupils from St Hilda's CE Primary School

- This interactive trail is currently down for maintenance -

Are you ready to solve The Clough Mystery? 

To start your adventure you can download the instructions and map above or follow the instructions below. 

You will need a mobile phone to scan the QR codes to complete the trail. 

Car parking is available at St Mary's Park: St Mary's Road, Prestwich, Manchester M25 9LU.  

This is approximately 250 metres from the start of the Clough Mystery interactive start.  

The trail starts at the information board located at the top of the steps in St Mary's Flower Garden.  

The introduction to The Clough Mystery QR Code is located on the St Mary’s Flower Garden Information Board at the top of the steps. 

Step 1

Head down the steps passing the fairy village.  

Follow the path that goes around the ‘roundabout’ (which is used to be where the old bandstand was located) and head down the hill.   

Continue through the kissing gate and turn left, descending into the woods follow this path until you reach the stone steps on your left.  

Head down the steps.  

The first QR code is located on a bird house, on a tree on the left hand side of the steps. 


Step 2

Continue along the path keeping the stream on your left for approximately 400 metres.  

You’ll pass a footbridge with blue railings – do not cross this footbridge.  

Continuing along the path you’ll come to a second footbridge with blue railings – cross this footbridge.  

You will reach an area with lots of Rhododendrons; keep your eyes peeled for a wooden bench on the right side of the path.  

 QR code number 2 is located on the bench. 


Step 3

Continue along the trail path which will descend slightly through some incredibly tall and beautiful, old trees. 

As you immediately leave these tall trees, there will be a fence on your right.  

Continue past this fence keeping your eyes peeled for two narrow left turns into the woods.  

Take the second left turn along the narrow trail path.  

Take extra caution along this trail as the path is uneven in places with some raised rocks and stones.  

Follow the path south which will lead to a concrete footbridge that has a large concrete pipe underneath it.  

QR Code Number 3 is located on the fence post on the side of the concrete footbridge.  


Step 4

Follow the trail for another 250 metres until you reach a wider cycle path.  

Turn right and head along this cycle path for approximately 150 metres.  

You will reach a junction with a black sign post in front of you – turn right at this point and continue to follow the cycle path north for another 150 metres.  

You will reach another junction with two red-brick pillars on either side of the path and a sign for Drinkwater Park on the left.  


QR Code Number 4 is located on the Drinkwater Park sign in front of the red-brick pillars.  


Step 5

Pass between the two red-brick pillars and turn right on to the road and then , after a few metres, take another slight right to take the footpath into Prestwich Clough.  

Follow this until you approach the incredibly tall and beautiful, old trees again, but the fence will be on your left now.   


QR Code Number 5 is located on the fence just before you ascend through the tall, old trees.  

Step 6

Follow the path through the tall trees until you reach a junction with a footbridge that has blue railings.  

Cross the footbridge, taking the left path ensuring the stream remains on your right.  

Ascend this path for around 500 metres passing the church graveyard on your left.  

Passing the graveyard, you will soon reach a junction with the path to your right that descends to the stone steps you took at the start of the trail.  

Turn left here and you will see a bench.  

The secret chest is located near to the bench. Use the code to unlock the chest and enjoy sitting within the woodland and feeding the birds.  

Congratulations Adventurers.  

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