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The Puzzle Quest is currently closed for repairs and maintenance.
You can still explore The Burrs Country Park


You have been assigned the task of helping the environment!

Locked away in a hidden chest somewhere within the Burrs Country Park are packets of wildflower seeds.

Using the downloadable map, venture on an exciting journey and solve the seven puzzles along the way which will reveal the secret code to unlock the hidden chest.  

Now get your map, walking boots and thinking caps on and complete  'The Puzzle Quest'!


If you would like us to share your adventure on our social media platforms  please email your Puzzle Quest photos to: info@thesunnywoodproject.co.uk


The Sunnywood Project has created 'The Puzzle Quest' to get your family outdoors and active in a new and exciting way!

Please report any damages or lost codes to 07515060722 or info@thesunnywoodproject.co.uk

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Using your map, you will notice that each puzzle has co-ordinates to help you locate them if your are stuck.

 Answers can also be found by scanning the QR code on the map.


Once you solve each puzzle, write your answers in the boxes on the map to figure out the final code to receive your prize.


 We recommend you find the puzzles in order. 

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Do not try and use force to open any of the puzzles.

Please make sure you put each puzzle back as you found it so other adventurers can take part and enjoy.

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download map

Download the full colour version to your mobile, tablet or computer.

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printer friendly map

Download and print ready for your adventure!