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Chesham Level 3

Level Up with The Sunnywood Project’s Time Trial Challenge

The Sunnywood Project Time Trials are a series of brand new, awesome self-led games designed to challenge you to get outside, get active and explore some of Bury’s local trial routes with the family.

Stage 1: Choose Your Setting There are currently three Time Trial game settings to choose from: 

  • Kirklees Valley Local Nature Reserve 

  • Clarence Park & Chesham Woods 

  • Close Park, Radcliffe 

Stage 2: Choose your Level of difficulty: Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 The Levels vary in their distance and difficulty. 

Level 1 is less than 1km whereas Level 3 is around 5km. 

Stage 3: Set your timer on your phone or watch to record how long it takes your team to walk, jog or run your chosen route. 


Follow the map and marker signs along the route. 

Remember, this is a team effort –don’t leave anyone behind! 


Once your whole team crosses the finish line, don’t forget to stop your timer! 

Scan the QR code on completion of your chosen route to register your team’s time on The Sunnywood Project’s leaderboard. And leave a supportive message for other teams to read too. 


Once we receive your team’s time, you will then be sent your team’s finisher certificate. Send us a photo of your team on completion of the route so we can also celebrate your success on The Sunnywood Project’s social media. 

Ultimate Time Trial Challenge

Looking for an even greater challenge with your team? Complete all three routes in each of the three locations to have your team’s name appear on our ‘Hall of Fame’ page on The Sunnywood Project website.

Chesham Level 3


Starting Location: Clarence Park, Walmersley Road. Information board at main park entrance. 

Distance: 3.6 KM

Difficulty: Hard


Start and end your route at the Time Trial Level 3 sign. Don't forget to use your phone or watch to time yourself or each other. Remember, you can Hike, Jog or Run, or do a mixture of all three.

To upload your time, please scan the QR code or scroll down to the bottom of this page. 

  1. Take the outer footpath of the park in a clockwise direction, past the playground.

  2. Exit the park at the corner to Royal Avenue.

  3. Proceed up to the lido.

  4. Follow the path clockwise around the lido.

  5. Continue along the lido path to the right.

  6. Taking the exit into Clarence Wood. Head straight up and follow the path which takes a slight bend to the left.

  7. Until you come to a sharp right turn. Take that and continue to the wall.

  8. Through the gap, then keep left and head into Lower Lee Wood. Follow the path up through the wood. The path will bend to the right before you exit at the old road behind the houses.

  9. Cross the road, continuing behind the houses into Chesham Green Wood. Keep to the path on the left and follow through the wood. You will cross a bridge by the lodge, follow the path to the exit at the old road.

  10. Take an immediate left into Greenbank Wood, passing through into Danesmoor Wood, continuing until you reach the junction of paths.

  11. Take a right turn following the path behind the houses.

  12. Cross the old road again entering the fields, turning right and follow the path around the fields crossing the footbridge as you enter Clarence Wood.

  13. Exit the wood where you entered earlier, taking the path to the left, passing the skate park and basketball court.

  14. At the bottom of the hill go through the gate and re-enter the park. Continue past the band stand.

  15. Complete the clockwise loop of the park.

  16. Turning before the substation, to finish where you started.

This GPX file will allow you to view the route on your mobile device. To use this GPX file, you will need to download a GPX compatible app such as Osmaps, GPX tracker or GPX viewer. 
If you are unable to use the GPX you can view the map and instructions below and follow the way markers. 

Leader Board
Once you have uploaded your score, please allow 24hrs for it to be displayed on the leader board.

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