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The Sunnywood Project History Trail:

Our exciting, interactive History Trail, within the Kirklees Valley Nature Reserve, will lead you on a journey to discover the heritage of the site and its ecological importance.

Learn about the trainline and the mill sites, nature and even the Totty Snake!

There are 15 locations throughout the 5km route.

Use your phone to scan the QR code at each location and Professor Jigget will present to you the history of that very location!

Watch this video for more instructions!


updated map pages1.jpg
updated 2 map pages.jpg
updated map 3.jpg

We are incredibly grateful to the following local businesses who have sponsored The Sunnywood Project’s History Trail.

Their generous donations have helped fund our educational activities making them more accessible for all to benefit.

Thank you to:

Wolfpack – Strength & Conditioning


Sew Impressed

Tottington Post Office

Bradley Physio

The Enterprise Centre

Nazia Haque Wealth Management

St John’s Cricket Club

Motorscreen Windscreen Services

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