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5.The Trees of the Clough

How many trees can you count?


Where to next?

Follow the instructions below to find the next QR code to get your fifth and final part of the code. 

Follow the path through the tall trees until you reach a junction with a footbridge that has blue railings.

Cross the footbridge, taking the left path ensuring the stream remains on your right.

Ascend this path for around 500 metres passing the church graveyard on your left.

Passing the graveyard, you will soon reach a junction with the path to your right that descends to the stone steps you took at the start of the Mystery.

Turn left here and you will see a bench.

The secret chest is located near to the bench. 

Once you find the chest, scan the final QR code. 

Download your Tree ID sheet here which was created by The Woodland Trust: CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

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