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What a fantastic afternoon hunting the dragon’s egg! This took us down paths we never would have found on our own. Highly recommend giving this a go! Excellent

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What a fantastic adventure we had on the quest today! We had an epic trek through the woods and along the lines.  It is well organised, so creative and brilliant fun.

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The sun is shining and this morning we had a fab adventure completing the Kirklees Quest and finding the Golden Dragon Egg!!!

We managed to cover new trails aswell as those we had become familiar with over the last year, the directions were super clear and having photographs of where to choose your next path made it easy for our 4 year old to follow too.

It takes an Egg hunt to a whole new level, would definitely recommend you give it a go and thanks Sunnywood Project - what a fab idea.

The Burrs Quest
The Burrs Quest
29 May 2023, 09:40

The Burrs Quest!


The Dragon Egg has been locked inside a chest and hidden within The Burrs Country Park, Bury: your quest is to locate the chest, unlock it using the pin code and then retrieve the precious dragon egg from inside.


This a whole family activity (or go alone if you are brave enough!) that promotes embracing the great outdoors together by embarking upon a journey without any prior knowledge of the direction to which you will be heading. 

This adventure will encourage you to explore routes you may never have taken before or even knew existed. This is truly an adventure game like no other!

Let your mini-adventurers take control: leading the way, selecting the directions and navigating the trails using this exciting, interactive and digital ‘create your own adventure’ quest.


Just like any create your own adventure game, using your phone or tablet, your mini-adventurers will make selections whilst out on their adventure: deciding and selecting the directions to take at each junction or turn as you search together for the chest containing the precious missing dragon egg.


There are unique medals available to those who have completed the quest by locating the hidden chest and releasing the Golden Dragon Egg.


Where will the The Burrs Quest lead you?

How far will you have to go?

How long will it take you?


You decide.


With the amount of choices available, you will be able to explore an adventurous new route every day.


Once you have located the dragon egg, the fun doesn’t stop, as you’ll be able to continue exploring and embracing the great outdoors: choosing a different adventure the next day...

and the next day...

and the day after that...

Access to map and your very own Mini Golden Dragon Egg: £5

Extra Mini Golden Dragon Egg £2

All proceeds go towards funding our youth programme and community activities . 
The Burrs Quest
The Burrs Quest
29 May 2023, 09:40
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