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The Nebulous Nexus of Befuddlement!

Life, they say, is all about choices, Adventurers!

As you follow the path you have chosen, ponder this, because before long you will reach the Nebulous Nexus of Befuddlement!

Once upon a time, this was a simple junction, but now it is a cursed place of confusion due to the misadventures of a previous quester, Greyham of Skoon. We don't talk about those dark days anymore...

Choose wisely, Adventurers!

Will it be left over the bridge, across the water?

Will it be the right, along the deceptively smooth path which keeps the water to your left?

Will it be your second right, along the dirt track next to the trees and the duck canal?

Or will you head straight on and follow the flow of the river?

You decide!


31a stop win.jpg


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