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The Wisest of Rocks!

First, Adventurers, you must traverse the path before you - Which is a funny way of saying 'go straight on'. Do be careful though - This car park can be quite busy, so be sure to stick to the path.

On the other side, you will find yourself met with a path to the left and a path straight on - And a large rock. But this is no ordinary rock - This is Rambuncle the Wise! For you see, he is a WISE rock, top of his class in wizarding school (and I should know!) and maybe, just maybe, if you ask him nicely, he will impart his wisdom. Give it a shot - Creep over to him, kneel down, and whisper: 'Rambuncle, Rambuncle, reveal to me your secrets!'

Did you see that! He winked! Of course rocks can wink - Don't be silly! And he winked down that path there, to your left.

Why don't you follow that path, Adventurers, and see where it goes.


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