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The Adventure Begins!

Welcome, Adventurers, to the Burrs Quest!

Hidden amongst leaf and tree, bush and brook, is a most wondrous dragon egg. Your task is to find it. To do so, you must be as brave as a bear, as wise as a weasel, and as persistent as a pelican with a periwinkle popsicle.

You will choose which way your journey takes you. You will always be presented with a choice - Magical images will guide you along your way, and stop you in your tracks. But be sure to be safe, Adventurers, and stick to the paths you have chosen, lest you fall foul of dragons, drakes, or drainage ditches - Which are the worst of the bunch, in my humble opinion!

But enough flapping of gums - Make sure you are beginning your journey in the right location, by the majestic Water Wheel Sculpture! And then - Onward!


31a stop win.jpg


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