Endurance Weekend West Pennine Way
23rd & 24th July 2022

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Take on the whole of the brutal, yet beautiful, West Pennine Way over two days with this fully supported and guided endurance challenge.

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Like all of our events, this is NOT a race: this event is simply about completing the distance with the camaraderie of other like-minded people around you – there should be no desire to ‘beat’ anyone or break any records and our friendly guides will be running / hiking the whole route with you to offer a supportive pep talk when required. However, we also won’t be offended if you do want to push on ahead without us.  

The route is a challenging 50-mile loop of the West Pennine Moors with over 8500ft of ascent starting from and ending near the Jumbles Country Park.

Evening food and breakfast on the Sunday morning is also included plus toilet and shower facilities on site.

An early start on the Sunday morning to pack up tents and complete the remaining route finishing where you started the day before, near Jumbles Country Park – and a rewarding, celebratory glass of ‘bubbly’ will be waiting for your return.


Completing 28 miles of the route on the Saturday 23rd July, you will have an overnight stay to recharge, freshen up and share experiences of the day with other hikers / runners at a campsite just outside Darwen.

Can I actually do this?

To run / hike almost 50 miles over two days is extremely challenging - the terrain and elevation of this route only increases that challenge.


Unlike other endurance events, this is NOT a race: we encourage the camaraderie and sense of “being in this together” to support each runner / hiker to complete the route and finally cross the finish line with others around you - it is not about ‘beating’ anybody, breaking any records or being the best.

Our friendly guides will be completing the route with you – they’ll never be too far away when you need that supportive pep talk.   


But, let’s not forget the difficulty of such a challenge: you should have completed at least a marathon distance prior to entering; be confident in your own ability and undergo the necessary training and preparation to complete this challenge.


If you are unsure if you are ready for the challenge, do contact us for advice.

What is included? 


  • Overnight campsite with toilet / shower facilities.

  • *Space is limited at the campsite, therefore we encourage you to make arrangements to camp in the same tent with those you have booked with – this can be up to a 4-man sized tent. If you choose to camp alone, you should use a tent no larger than ‘one-man’.


  • Transportation of camping kit, dry bag and any personal supplies from start to camp site.

  • Transportation of camping kit and dry bag from camp site to finishing point.


  • Regular check points with ample supplies and water refills throughout the route on both days.

  • Evening food.

  • Breakfast.


  • Finisher T-shirt and medal.

  • Run / Hike guides throughout the route.

  • Secure car parking at the start / finish line.

  • Bubbly drink at the finish line.

  • Purchasable refreshments at the finish line.

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Kit Requirements

What you must bring to the event.

  • Tent* and basic overnight camping essentials (sleeping bag etc.)

  • Personal fuelling supplies and snacks for both days (your Day 2 supplies can be transported to the campsite along with your camping kit and dry bag)

  • Portable charger (There is no electricity provided at the camp site)

  • Waterproofs and running / hiking clothes suitable for the weather conditions

  • Ultra running belt or backpack with the ability to hold 1L of fluid

  • Fully charged mobile phone

  • Money for emergencies

*Space is limited at the campsite, therefore we encourage you to make arrangements to camp in the same tent with those you have booked with – this can be up to a 4-man sized tent. If you choose to camp alone, you should use a tent no larger than ‘one-man’.

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The Campsite

The Campsite:

You will be staying at Brocklehead Farm Caravan Park, Darwen.

There are toilets and shower facilities, but you will not have access to electric.

More details can be found here: https://brockleheadcaravanpark.co.uk




What is The Sunnywood Project?

The Sunnywood Project is a non-profit outdoor events organiser and arts and nature education provider. Revenue from our endurance events help fund our educational programmes and activities and make them more accessible for vulnerable people.    ​

Combining arts and nature, we promote a love of the great outdoors through a variety of events, conservation and educational programmes stimulating a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle for those living in Greater Manchester and surrounding areas.

Through each of these activities and bespoke programmes, we nurture individual confidence and resilience to equip participants with the transferable skills needed for success in life - we are committed to assisting individuals to realise their own potential. 

The Sunnywood Project aims:
Each of our educational programmes, events and activities are carefully planned with the following aims in mind: 


  1. To promote compassion, kindness and a positive society

  2. To encourage maintaining a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle

  3. To support the development of social skills and self-regulation of emotions​

  4. To enable people to participate in society as mature, independent and responsible individuals

  5. To inspire challenging, but achievable personal goals


For more information about our work, please browse our website.

We are confident that our events are Covid-secure however, we guarantee free transfer to another event/s equal to the same amount or a full refund should the event have to be cancelled as a

result of Covid-19.