Thank you to our


We are very grateful to our Volunteers for supporting our variety of events and activities. Without your support, we would not be able to operate to the scale, quality and capacity that we currently do. 

Like many non-profit organisations, we rely heavily on volunteers.  



Volunteers play a crucial role in helping achieve our mission and we could not achieve our goals without their hard work. We are incredibly grateful for their support and want to make sure all our volunteers have a safe, rewarding and enjoyable experience. The Volunteer Policy recognises the significant and valuable role volunteers play in supporting, every participants’ experience when attending Sunnywood Project event or activity.  This policy reflects our commitment to volunteering at The Sunnywood Project and sets out a framework of procedures and best practice, which we will endeavour to follow when recruiting and working with our volunteers, to ensure that both volunteers’ and The Sunnywood Projects expectations are met.

Volunteer Handbook and Agreement

In order to assist our volunteers and maintain a consistent approach to volunteering, The Sunnywood Project ask their volunteers to abide by these simple, yet important expectations.


Before volunteering, you must also sign a declaration form that details specific safeguarding rules based on certain events/activities. These will be provided separately. 



All of our volunteers are entitled to claim expenses.
Should you wish to claim travel expenses please do so through completing the form below.

Before completing the form or claiming any exspenses, please make sure you have discussed this with a member of Sunnywood Project staff first. 
When claiming expenses, it is important to provide a receipt of payment along with your expenses form to your Sunnywood point of contact who will take a copy of this.