We are passionate about what we do. 
If you are thinking about booking onto one of our events but are still a little unsure, have a read of the fantastic feedback we have had from some of our members so far. 


Lisa H, Trail Runner

Being introduced to The Sunnywood Project, initially to enter the West Pennine Way challenge, was the beginning of my love for trail running, and through their events my confidence, not just in trail running, in all aspects of life, has grown. The camaraderie, friendliness and support of this amazing organisation, and its members is truly wonderful.  


Lisa, Breakfast Trail Run

I highly value what Marc and Sammy have set out to achieve. The Sunday morning trail run has been brilliant and I am definitely not a runner.

The ethos of being in the outdoors and enjoying where we live is brilliant. I highly recommend this group and look forward to joining in on future runs, walks or doing anything to help the community.

Great bunch of people and well done to everyone involved. We will be running in the mud again sometime soon


Andy, Monthly Hike

I just wanted to say thank you from me and K for everything you do. Despite being completely unsociable, we thoroughly enjoyed the hike we went on!


Quester, Family Activities

You guys don’t always see the benefits and effects of what you do but I can say first hand it has been life changing for our family. Thanks guys


Vaj, Toddler Trekker

Thank you very much and for the quick response and may I just say that myself and my daughter thoroughly enjoyed the last walk in August. I thought it was brilliant and very well thought out and planned!


Toddler Trekker, Sunnywood Squad

You have helped my child’s mental health ten folds keep up the great work



I started my running journey during the 2021 lockdown. I discovered the Sunnywood project via the Burrs community run and what a blessing it has been.  

Running is now part of my family and we all feel part of the wider Sunnywood family.  

I have completed 3 Thursday night events, reservoir bogs, winter wanders and peaky bounders and currently I am participating in the towers tour. I have also challenged myself with some of the longer runs also. 

My children (5&7) and husband all participate (or marshall) weekly at the Burrs community run and we love the spirit and camaraderie which is shown.  

The events are all extremely well planned and lead by experienced runners who encourage and support, no one is ever left behind. Before I started with Sunnywood I was anxious that I wouldn’t be ‘fast enough’ but there is simply nothing to worry about.  

Running is no longer about time, distance or competing, its about enjoyment, embracing the outdoors and the beautiful surroundings we live in, friendship and fun. I know longer have to motivate myself to go out as I enjoy it so much and love having a good chat as we go. 

We have made friends through the events attended and thank you all for your hard work, passion, dedication and commitment to provide these opportunities for myself, my family and all the other Sunnywood community. 



I first joined the Sunnywood Project on the butty runs in August 2020 and I soon became hooked- on running, chatting and the egg butties! Since then I’ve joined them on countless runs, hikes and other events, and am about to try my longest ever adventure with them, the Yorkshire Three Peaks. Marc, Sammy and the rest of their amazing team will never realise how much of a positive impact this group has had for me. I’ve met a fantastic group of friends, have a much greater appreciation of the area within which I live and am fitter than I’ve ever been. The whole team is so friendly and I really feel part of something special. I love how there are so many options of things to do each week and there are always new challenges to stretch yourself. My two boys have also each taken part in the various activities aimed at children such as the toddler trekking and the quest for the golden egg which they both loved and kept them busy! There is no doubt I am both physically and mentally in such a better place now than before I joined this wonderful community and I would urge anyone to just come along and have a go. Thankyou for everything you’ve done for us all and I can’t wait to see what else you have planned! 

Screen Shot 2021-03-28 at 12.47.09.png


The sun is shining and this morning we had a fab adventure completing the Kirklees Quest and finding the Golden Dragon Egg!!!

We managed to cover new trails aswell as those we had become familiar with over the last year, the directions were super clear and having photographs of where to choose your next path made it easy for our 4 year old to follow too.

It takes an Egg hunt to a whole new level, would definitely recommend you give it a go and thanks Sunnywood Project - what a fab idea.