We are passionate about what we do. 
If you are thinking about booking onto one of our events but are still a little unsure, have a read of the fantastic feedback we have had from some of our members so far. 

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I highly value what Marc and Sammy have set out to achieve. The Sunday morning trail run has been brilliant and I am definitely not a runner.

The ethos of being in the outdoors and enjoying where we live is brilliant. I highly recommend this group and look forward to joining in on future runs, walks or doing anything to help the community.

Great bunch of people and well done to everyone involved. We will be running in the mud again sometime soon

Lisa: Breakfast Trail Run

I had to share this because i wanted to say thank you- i’ve just run further and on a route I would never have dared just a few weeks ago.

Jenny: Breakfast Trail Run

Fantastic group, love the breakfast trail runs and finding amazing running and walking routes on my doorstep. Lovely people, supportive and friendly. Such a great idea and brilliant asset to the community!

Samantha: Breakfast Trail Run

Thank you very much and for the quick response and may I just say that myself and my daughter thoroughly enjoyed the last walk in August. I thought it was brilliant and very well thought out and planned!

Vaj : Toddler Trekker

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I just wanted to say thank you from me and K for everything you do. Despite being completely unsociable, we thoroughly enjoyed the hike we went on!

Andy: Monthly Hike

Last week Sandra  and I attended the 'Sunnywood Project' map reading session...

So.... this morning we set out to walk yesterdays trail route and put our map reading skills into practice.

Andrea: Map Reading and Navigation