Sunnywood Project Rehabilitation Using Community Engagement

Location: Bury
Starting: Autumn 2021 

Time: Wednesdays 9.30am - 11.30am. 


What to expect

SPRUCE: Sunnywood Project Rehabilitation Using Community Engagement will see young people aged 10-16 years work to improve their local green spaces.

SPRUCE is a 6 week programme which aims to help and support young people who are at risk of exclusion from school; have committed a minor offence or present behaviours that challenge in school or at home.  

SPRUCE will work with young people from Bury referred from local schools, police or YOT. It is a series of 6 week programmes for up to 10 young people per programme to engage with improving local spaces whilst reflecting on their own aspirations. 

This could include activities such as installing community signs / notice boards; fence/stile repair and general green space maintenance with the aim to encourage young people to take ownership of their local spaces and make a difference to their environment.

Embedded within this 6 week programme will be a focus on the young participants' mental, physical and social wellbeing: mindfulness exercises outdoors, supportive conversations, team building and nature based activities.

Each participant will receive a booklet to monitor, measure and evidence their outcomes and achievements as well as contribute to a short video to share and celebrate their achievements.

These sessions will take place in various locations across Bury, focusing each cycle in a new area to improve a total of 5 spaces. 


SPRUCE is a referral only programme.

We accept referrals from;

  • Schools

  • Social Workers

  • Youth Offending Teams

  • Probation/Police Services

  • Educational Providers

To register your interest, please us the referral  form below. 


Sunnywood Project Rehabilitation Using Community Engagement

 SPRUCE has been made possible with funding from 
Standing Together (2021 - 2022) - Community Grants : BURY VCFA