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Sunnywood Project: Accepting, Creating, Exploring.

1 to 1 or Group SEMH support

Location: Bury, Greater Manchester. 
Starting: 2022

Enquiries email: info@thesunnywoodproject.co.uk


Please send all forms to info@thesunnywoodproject.co.uk

The SPACE programme provides SEMH support in schools and within outdoor locations through one to one and group, person-centred support sessions.

Promoting empathy and unconditional positive regard, we aim to provide young people with physical SPACE; creative SPACE and HeadSPACE.

By bringing together young people in a supported, safe, and collaborative environment to physically explore the outdoors whilst also exploring who they are personally.

With a focus on key areas such as self-awareness; dealing with stress and self-care to boost both personal development and mental wellbeing.

A typical SPACE programme usually consists of 6 weekly 2 hour sessions covering:

  • Inspiration & motivation

  • Self-regulation and anxiety

  • The benefits of being outdoors

  • Communication and cooperation

  • Personalities and relationships

  • Wellbeing – the ‘happy chemicals’

All sessions are led by a trainee counsellor and a qualified teacher.

The initial sessions centre on how to work collaboratively; on the sense of self, and illustrating the need for and practices of self-care.

Although, our central ethos is that the participants are the experts of their own lives and what they’re experiencing – even if at times they might struggle to tell us that - we aim to guide them in a direction to independently take control of their emotions and aspirations.