Educational Outreach & Support for Schools

What to expect

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The Sunnywood Project

All our educational programmes are carefully planned with the following aims in mind:

  1. to   promote  compassion, kindness and a positive society

  2. to   encourage    maintaining a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle

  3. to   support    the development of social skills and self-regulation of emotions

  4. to   enable    people  to participate in society as mature, independent  and responsible individuals

  5. to   inspire  challenging, but achievable personal goals

Support Services

Our intervention programmes are bespoke therefore, the content and duration are adaptable for the individual needs of the child.
Typically, where initial behavioural intervention is required, we recommend six weekly sessions however, this could be extended if all parties feel it is required.  
Our approach is holistic meaning, depending on the needs and interests of the child, content will have a particular focus.
For example, the programme focus could consist of:

  • Animal Care

  • Agriculture

  • Art and Design

  • Citizenship

  • Drama and Theatre Studies

  • Environmental studies

  • Music

  • Physical Education and Fitness.

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Forest Trees

Community Development

However, the chosen programme focus is a vehicle used to explore and develop the identified needs of the child therefore, it can be expected that the following  content  will  also be indirectly covered:  

  • Identifying negative influences

  • Comfort zones and personal goal setting

  • Adapting body language and tone

  • Managing emotions

  • Positive relationships and restorative approaches to conflict

School Supply


Referrals to The Sunnywood Project's outreach programmes can be made by:

  • School ​

  • Social Workers 

  • Pupil Referral Unit 

  • Local Authority Virtual Schools

  • Youth Offending Services 

  • Behaviour Support Teams

  • Education Case Workers